Kettle Creek (Fly Fishing only area), Potter County. PA Stream Report 5/29/2015


Kettle Creek, Potter County. PA

Air Temp – 71°

Air Conditions – Sunny/ Clear

Water Temp – 61°

Water Conditions- Low and Crystal clear

Pattern with best results – March Brown and Green Drake

Kettle Creek flows through Tioga, Potter and Clinton Counties, finally flowing into the West Branch of the Susquehanna River south of the town of Renovo. The lower section of Kettle Creek has been effected mining. The best spot we found was above the village of Cross Fork (Potter County) where Kettle Creek Crosses RT 144. The day we were there the stream was low and crystal clear. It was enjoyable to watch the trout as they inspected and chased our flies. In the Evening we also stopped at three other locations on Kettle Creek between the Hammersley Fork and Kettle Creek State Park. Although we had our best luck in the early morning the evening hatch was very impressive,

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